With the advancement of technology, auditing has come a long way. Workpapers and evidence are filed electronically. Audit shops are transitioning to the latest GRC tools that more accurately forecast risks. And information discovery is transitioning from manually searching through paper printouts to retrieval from online application utilities.

But, have auditing techniques kept the pace with technology? Not really. There are better approaches- stay with me as we explore these methods.

My blog will be a medium to present analytics techniques and learned best practices.

Check back for new, exciting content including:

  • open discussion regarding the pros and cons of current audit practices
  • preferred practices to implement data analytics within an audit department
  • measuring the maturity of an analytics function within an audit department
  • identifying the right resources to get the task done
  • an introductory approach to statistical analysis
  • how to apply analytics to get the job done more accurately and in less time

About Me:

As a former auditor and current data scientist, I have over 7 years of experience in designing, implementing, and executing an analytics program across industry.  I have built the foundation for audit analytics in several industries including oil construction services, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods products.


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